Best Things On The Internet

I love the internet. The internet is a treasure trove of wonderful. Here are a few of my favorite things on the internet.

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Simulation Theory

So I’ve been attempting to write this post since May… I’ve finally written it.

In about a month, my favorite band is releasing a new album. So far they’ve released five of the songs that will be on the album and they sound great. The music videos for the songs tie into each other and really show how Muse is playing with the concept of reality.

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Sooo… It’s Definitely Been A While

Hey Y’all! It’s me, Sanders. I know, it’s been a while since I last posted. I’m not promising a full return or consistent posts (not that I was very consistent before), but I’m working on getting back into blogging. This is sort of an update on me and my life as well as what I’m hoping will be coming down the line at some point.

First of all, a lot has happened and changed. You all know that I changed my major from English to Biology. I’ve also since changed schools and I’m about to transfer out to a different school. I left Oglethorpe because it was no longer a good fit for me and they didn’t have my major. When I switched from English to Bio, I knew that I didn’t want to be a general biology major (which is totally fine, but it’s just not my path). I thought back to what I enjoyed in high school and decided that I really like genetics and it has a bonus of being a growing field. Oglethorpe is a great school for certain fields and subjects, genetics isn’t one of them. As luck would have it, UGA has a department and undergrad program in genetics. So that was the intended path, I’d transfer out of Oglethorpe and transfer into UGA. What ended up happening was certain schematics didn’t line up and I wasn’t able to transfer in for summer or fall semester at UGA. Applying for spring semester however, would work out fine. So in the mean time, I’m at a local community college cleaning up my mess from Ogle (different requirements since it was a private school). Once this semester is over, I’ll be going to UGA. I’m really excited to start this new chapter of my college life even though I’m probably not going to graduate in four years, or maybe even five (the mess from Ogle is a mess). However, all the messy credit stuff aside, I’m definitely more at peace with myself with the new field and I can’t wait for spring.

This semester has also just been slightly nuts. I threw myself into my classes this year and hit the ground running. I managed to not have much of anything to do because I was on top of my readings and classwork. Then I got lazy because I didn’t have much to do. Then things piled up and I had to catch up a little. Right now I’m playing catch up with my reading for the second time this semester. Really I’m just so done with everything and I hate that feeling. But I’ll get it together and get back on track hopefully before next week when I have exams and a project due.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what’s been going on. Coming down the wire is a post about my favorite band, Muse, and their new album. I’m also thinking about doing a bullet journal update since it’s been over a year since I’ve started my bullet journal. I’m also thinking about writing a post about non academic things that I’ve learned and realized after transferring. Additionally, I also have a few drafts of posts I though about over the last few months. So hopefully, I’ll get a few things typed up to post at some point. Again, I’m not promising a full return, but I’m hoping to edge back into it. Until next time, Sanders out.

Total Bird Brain

I have a bird brain now. No, I’m not stupid or shallow now. What I mean is that I’m really getting into bird watching right now. Part of it is because I just finished a lab in my biology course that involves watching the birds at the feeder for certain interactions. My group decided to watch the interactions between the Brown Headed Nuthatch and two woodpecker species, the Downy and the Red-Bellied. It was interesting to watch the species interact, but it was also interesting to watch the other birds that I wasn’t studying interact. These are just a few observations I noted.

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So Many Pens!

I love pens. I love how there are different inks and different designs and the regional differences of pen design. Pens are just really interesting to look at and think about. I know it sounds slightly nuts and probably a bit boring, but I’m serious. I love going to the office supply store and looking at all the different pens and if there is anything new (there usually isn’t, things get added and such about twice a year). This past year, I have gradually fed my pen addiction. These are my current favorite pens.

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Just a Quick Update

Hey Y’all, it’s me. I know I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks, but I’m focusing on school work and making sure I don’t get behind. I did manage to get left behind a little bit last week, but like any decent jumper (think horseback riding and getting left behind over a jump, not fun) I recovered decently to at least get through the week.

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