Animals are amazing, especially those that live in the city. If you think about it, humans are an invasive species. We kill off animals and devastate natural habitats to fit our needs. Much like kudzu, the plant that ate the south, we take over when we move in. But what happens to those animals that have no choice, but to live among us. I’m not taking about our cats and dogs. I’m talking about what we consider vermin.

Take pigeons for instance. They look really stupid. I thought pigeons were the stupidest birds in existence. But these birds are quite clever, I suppose, for figuring out how to live and survive in the city. These birds know how to make it in the big city better than any random young person with big dreams. Okay, so they know how to steal french fries and find bits of bread and stuff on the ground, BUT do they live? Yes, they do. The pigeons I ran into in San Francisco gave zero flying bananas that I was a foot away from the them. They only cared about the bit of bagel left on the ground from some random person who dropped their breakfast. Of course the survival of the pigeon, also known as the rock dove, might have something to do with the fact that our big cities resemble their natural habitat. The rock dove, pigeons, naturally live on rock faces and cliffs. Their little bodies are already adapted to small take off spaces and are very maneuverable once they’re in the air which lends itself well to the fact that the sky’s aren’t exactly clear in the city. Ignoring the question of HOW the pigeon got it’s start as a city staple, the little dodos are very flexible. To even begin to survive in the city, they have to be comfortable around humans. Every time I see a flock of pigeons, they are usually in the middle of a crowd of people or around people eating. They know that either some one will feed them, because for whatever reason we like to feed the birds in the park, or that someone will drop something. But they have to be comfortable with approaching and being in close proximity to humans. Pigeons adapted to their environment. While there are some little song birds around cities, you usually only see them in parks, not around urban areas. Pigeons can thrive pretty much anywhere.

My plans had to be altered recently. I had plans to transfer to a different school that had the major I wanted, but didn’t have a high enough GPA, or enough credit hours for the lower GPA requirement. So for summer and fall semesters, I’ll be making a pit stop at the college close to my house before making the move to the school I want to be at. I was upset that I didn’t see this coming, but I had to be adaptable, or stay stuck. Sometimes plans don’t work out the way we want them to, so be a pigeon and be adaptable.

Until next time, Sanders out.