Hey Y’all, it’s me. I know I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks, but I’m focusing on school work and making sure I don’t get behind. I did manage to get left behind a little bit last week, but like any decent jumper (think horseback riding and getting left behind over a jump, not fun) I recovered decently to at least get through the week.

The past couple of weeks have been bonkers. I’ve been getting up early to get small tasks done or to go watch birds for my Biology lab. I’ve been going in the evening to watch birds. The birds have taken over my life, but they’re done now. No idea how the other labs will affect my posting or time in general. My other classes are demanding as well, so there is that. It looks like I’ll have a little bit of breathing room over the weekend to get where I want to be and to do other things. I have a laundry list of drafts for blog posts, so I’m hoping to get a few worked on and scheduled to go out once a week.

A few hints about what’s coming…

  • Pens… so many pens
  • Bullet Journal… just a few things I’ve learned when starting it
  • Various random things… seriously, various random
  • Birds! You didn’t think I’d leave y’all out of the bird fun did you? Nope! Y’all are getting bird-ed!

Anyway, that’s just my little update. Until next time, Sanders out.