So I figured it was time for a bullet journal update. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times before in other posts, but I wanted to do a post about my bullet journal and my experience with it.

How it’s working out for me

Having and maintaining a bullet journal is so great for me. I’ve tried to keep planners in the past and they just don’t work with me. But I love my bullet journal so much. My life is sooo much more together with it, than it was without it. Before I was using a “sticky note” method to remember things where I would write things down on a sticky note and stick it to the wall. When the task was completed, or event/due date was past, I’d take it down. The sticky note method was fun, but also lacked true organization. It was organized chaos, but leaned more towards chaos. My bullet journal on the other hand is whatever I want it to be at a given moment. It’s still organized chaos, but leaning more towards organized. Organized chaos is how I live my life. I don’t mean to be chaotic in my organization, but that’s what it ends up being. Overall, having my bullet journal greatly improves my life and how I get things done.

Initial thoughts

When I was thinking about starting a bullet journal, I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to figure it out myself. I looked at the bullet journal website to get a general idea of what a bullet journal is. I found it sort of helpful. I read a few articles on that site then moved to look for other articles. I went through several different articles about bullet journals and all of them were helpful but not for a brand new beginner. There were so many ideas for spreads and all of them were so elaborate and complex. Then there were the habit trackers and they were so elaborate and had so much going on with them. Finally, I came across and article on Buzzfeed about bullet journaling and advice for beginners. In the comment section was the single best piece of advice I have ever found for bujo beginners. That advice was to start simple and not try to have the prettiest, instagram/pinterest worthy journal in the world. To not start with 50 habit trackers and giant grand spreads. To start small and get used to the system and not let it be a chore.

Things I’ve learned

I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t work. I also learned that it’s okay to change my spreads from week to week, it all depends on what I need to get out of my spreads. My spreads have evolved over the past 6 months and they will continue to evolve as my needs change.

What I love about it

I love that I can make my bullet journal be what ever I want it to be. It acts as a tracker, planner, thought holder, etc. I love that I can be creative with it and really make it my own.

What I dislike

Sometimes I don’t like how long it take me to make my spreads. But at the same time, I’ve come to look forward to taking the time to plan out my week. I also really don’t like using lined paper. I feel like the lined paper takes away from the cleaner look of a dot grid.

I’m planning on doing a post about how I create my spreads. There really isn’t any real magic to it, but it was one of the things that took a while for me to figure out. Until next time, Sanders out.

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